Bandit Signs - watch 4 videos

NOTE: I learned that you can call UZ Marketing to have them duplicate my sign with just the change of adding your phone number. Call them, get a sales rep and tell them you want to email them a photo to order an 18x24 bandit sign exactly the same only changing the number.

If you go with UZ Marketing here is my referral link:

Call 832-598-7226 when you mention the referral link i think they just need the last 4 numbers.

Bonus: I found this video below on YouTube.  He did such an awesome job of showing how to put the signs up I thought I would just add it here for you.

  • His signs are cut in half so he can get two out of one. It’s a technique commonly used to stretch your dollars. You can order the 18x24 (that’s the sign I used and showed in the photo). You can then size your copy smaller to fit across the top of the sign and again at the bottom of the sign so you can cut it in half and turn 1 sign into two.
  • The signs are really easy to poke holes in.  Use a screwdriver or an ice pick.

A takeaway from this next video is a Google Voice number on your signs is important because they can not fine you due to the number not being traceable back to you. When they reverse search a google voice number it leads no where.

If you get a call anyway from a city code person it will be a warning not a fine. 

Most likely, they will just take it down. Signs stay up longer in not so nice parts of town.  

In busy downtown areas or nice communities where rent is high - it will only last a day.

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